Detoxing Your Mind: An Interview With Dr. Caroline Leaf

Dr. Caroline Leaf introduces herself as a follower of Jesus, a follower of love. She is a neuroscientist who specializes in how the human brain works. She recommends how to use your brain to awaken the Goliath inside you.


Our thoughts create our reality. We are designed to be intentional.

Self-regulation is needed.

Jesus modelled what we are supposed to do. We make bad decisions. We face the consequences. What are we going to do from there? How are we going to manage the outcome?

You gotta remind yourself you are facing Gethsemane.

Using scriptures for dealing with an issue can be toxic. It makes the scriptures toxic. You gotta deal with the issue first. Bring yourself to meaning. What we can do is freaking out in the love zone. (Not in the fear zone.) In the love zone, you are safe. God is with you.

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‘Jesus Loves Addicts’ by Skit Heitzig

Most of us if not all of us suffer from some sort of addiction.

Let it be alcohol, pornography, money, fame, attention, exercise, success. You name it. If we depend on something in order to feel better and you can’t live without it, you have an addiction.

Sin is never private. It always affects other people. Our God knows everything we’ve done and thought about. We are undeserving of his forgiveness. Yet, he loves us unconditionally. He loves us not because of our faith, but because he is good and faithful.

We shall be addicted to serving our God and loving people. Not other things!

‘Highest Goal’ by Central Live

This is the song I play to praise my Lord, my, God, my King, Jesus Christ. I sing after it as loud as I can for this song sings a promise I want to keep.

God, I love You with my heart
You’re the rhythm that sustains
Beating life through my veins
God, I love You with my soul
This life I live, I don’t own
You are mine and I am Yours

Let love be the highest goal in this life
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