Detoxing Your Mind: An Interview With Dr. Caroline Leaf

Dr. Caroline Leaf introduces herself as a follower of Jesus, a follower of love. She is a neuroscientist who specializes in how the human brain works. She recommends how to use your brain to awaken the Goliath inside you.


Our thoughts create our reality. We are designed to be intentional.

Self-regulation is needed.

Jesus modelled what we are supposed to do. We make bad decisions. We face the consequences. What are we going to do from there? How are we going to manage the outcome?

You gotta remind yourself you are facing Gethsemane.

Using scriptures for dealing with an issue can be toxic. It makes the scriptures toxic. You gotta deal with the issue first. Bring yourself to meaning. What we can do is freaking out in the love zone. (Not in the fear zone.) In the love zone, you are safe. God is with you.

*Pastor Steven Furtick can connect with people really well, but he feels like people turn on him when it comes to private matters.

Every single one of us is making wrong decisions every day.

Admit it. Admit that you are Elijah in the cave. Recognize the trigger. Recognize the pattern. Dealing with it in the love zone. When you have something you want to say, 100% say it all. (You can share it with someone whom you know won’t judge you.) Then you can deal with it. It’s a form of prayer. Bring it out to the light. And immediately, it is weakened.


You’re no longer stuck in guilt and condemnation. Realizing you are not like that anymore. Now you’re honest. Perception is the most crucial part.


Your brain will take 56 days to reconceptualize once you get it out.

*Fear of disappointing people and not following God.

Pastor Steven Furtick is afraid of letting people down. You’re always thinking. Turn it into quality thinking. Don’t stay undisciplined. Don’t stay numbed. Get your thinking under control. It’s a decision we make. What to think.

Find 16 mins in your day to just sit and do nothing. Daydream. And imagine. Clean up your thought life. Every 45 mins or so, stare blankly. Clean up your thinking.

*We are living in the Age of Anxiety.

Our brain can’t handle the technology. It is become against us instead of for us. You will get very anxious if your brain doesn’t get a chance to rest. Identify the big picture. Reconceptualize. It’s already weakened.


For 7-16mins a day, do 5 things.

  1. Gather awareness of the big picture.

      2. Discuss answers in your head.

      3. What am I gonna do today?

      4. Any other reasons why you feel this way?

      5. Do it for 7 days. Day 7 is a revelation.


Mind and brain are not the same. The brain responds to your mind. You gotta go beyond the feeling to intention. Do it for 7 more days. Day 14. You can nail it. People will start to notice the change. Take responsibility to keep going till 21 days.  Each day, you’re going to be stronger. After Day 21, they become self-sustainable. Things won’t move up from non-conscious to conscious in at least  63 days. There may be nagging anxiety. Give it more energy to move into your conscious mind to influence your daily activity.

Don’t just gather the puzzle pieces. Start to build the puzzle. Understand and embrace the natural mechanisms that create spiritual growth.


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